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Trying to find a unique gift for your guests can be a challenge. Most of the guest gifts are usually not used and thrown out right after the wedding.Consider a guest portrait. It’s unique and something that the guests will cherish and keep for a lifetime. The guests are well dressed and look their best, so it’s an ideal time to have their photograph taken. A separate set of photographers take a portrait of all of the guests. Couples, singles or groups are photographed with a portrait background and professional studio lighting. The photos are presented in folders with your names engraved on the front cover and the guests receive them before the end of the party.

Can more than one person be photographed at a time?
Yes. Groups of friends and/or families can participate.

What about singles?
They can also pose with or without a friend or family member.

Does it interfere with the party?
No. Only a few couples at a time are photographed.

When do the guests get their portraits?
That evening.

Can the folder be personalized?
Yes, you can use names or a logo.

Are frames available?
Yes, we have different styles.

Can I supply my own frames?
Yes. We ask for a sample before the event to make sure that the photo will fit properly.

Can the frame be used as a place card as well?
Yes. It can be used with a place setting frame.

What size is the portrait?
It can be anything from a wallet to an 8x10. The optimum size is 5x7.

How long does it take to be photographed?
Just a few minutes.

How do you get everyone?
You can supply us with a guest list. We do the rest. Our staff will go to each table an invite each couple or guest.

How can you do it so fast?
We use the latest digital technology.

What is the quality?
The photographs are equivalent to those used in professional portraits, magazines and ad work. Several pictures are taken and we select the best pose and expression. If someone does not like their photo it is retaken at no additional charge.

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